About Us

About Us

ÖNAL TARIM was established in Konya in 1982 to produce Agricultural Machinery.

In an area of 10000 m2, it continues production in a modern work place with modern technological machinery and facilities.

Our company, which has production quality in European standards, allo cates a signifi cant budgetto R&D

Since the day it started production, our company has been marketing it’sproducts to many countries of the world as well as its country.

push esitslimits. In every product produced. In our company, where unconditional customer satisfaction is always accepted as the basic principle; It works for you with an experienced, expert staff, managers and a high-techmachine park for the purpose of production in European standards.

ÖNAL AGRICALTURE has been produc ing with the excitement of the first dayfor 40 years, and it is proud of being the leading company of the sector

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